7 Things To Help Combat Stress

7 Things To Help Combat Stress

We often have no control of what life throws at us. What we do have control of is how we react to it. Easier said than done? maybe not. if we start to take care of our body and mind by making one some steps to change our physical and mental health we can live less stressful and happier lives.  Taking proper care of mind and body can help us handle stress long term and well as get us through a bad situation. Once  a problem arises think, can i make a difference to the situation? If yes do something about it. If the answer is no then try using these mind and body coping strategies.

1. Maintain Enough High Quality Nutrition

Healthy Fruit and Veg PlateOur mind and body are one system and each has a great impact on the other. Strangely enough in times of stress it is often more difficult to maintain a diet packed with the nutrients we need, which in turn can cause more stress. If we are busy and stop finding time to cook healthy meals both our body and brain will start craving sugar for energy. This in turn leads to binging on fast foods and sugar filled snacks, which also increases stress. If we stop thinking about being busy and start thinking about being productive it’s a much calmer connotation on getting the job done. If we stop feeding the body and work with no breaks we create a vicious cycle. Learn more on how to have a great foundation of high nutrition which will keep you safe through hectic  or highly stressed periods.  Many people have been surprised by how much stress they can handle when their body is well-nourished. There is a solution to this and many more health problems right in this forum and on The Health Hub Club

2. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep-Helps-To-De-StressSleep is very important for our body’s recovery and repair. It is also vital for emotional and physical well being and can negatively impact our ability to handle stress.  When we are stressed we run things over in our mind and then find it hard to switch off and get to sleep. too little time to sleep. then we also wake in the night and have poor-quality sleep.  Both of theses are detrimental to physical and mental health so we need to take action to improve the quality and increase the length of our sleep. Power napping is good but not later than 3pm as this can affect how quickly you can get off to sleep when we turn in for the night. Also if you don t give up caffeine then make sure you have no caffeine after mid day. Making sure we are hydrated through the day is very important to sleep but best not to drink too much just before bed. this will mean we have to wake up to use the empty our bladder in the night and if we want to look good next day it also causes bags under our eyes in the morning. Blue screen light is another big no no. Exposure to blue light (light from or phones computers and I pads) at night is a bd thing as it effectively tricks the brain into thinking it’s still daytime. It suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that is produced at night and prepares the body for sleep.

3. Exercise Regularly

Exercise-Helps-To-De-StressExercise can be great for you physically and mentally. It provides a stress release and keeps your body healthy. It also helps your body release endorphins, which increase your feelings of overall well-being. Any exercise done regularly is good particularly if you do with others. Walking is particularly effective. Research shows that regular walking modifies your nervous system so much that you’ll experience a decrease in anger and hostility. Studies show that a brisk walk is just as effective as antidepressants in mild to moderate cases of depression, releasing feel-good endorphins while reducing stress and anxiety. So for positive mental health, walking’s an absolute must and walking ouTdoors outdoors exposes you to natural sunlight, which can help stave off Seasonal Affective Disorder or winter blues, (SAD). A great program for ensuring you get out doors and move is “Walk The Weight Off Mind & Body” it covers how to measure for healthy fat loss, 12 point nutrition and weight management plan, mindfulness, and a Brilliant Interval walking session that takes just 22 minutes and has an audio file for your phone that takes you every step fo the ay. Ideal if you work from home , are in an office desk job or just hate going to gyms.

4. Maintain Social Support

After my family my friends are the most important part of my life. We can share our troubles, laugh together and cry together. Friends are a vital support to our mental wellbeing and can often help us put things into perspective. They can pick you up when you’re sad, provide insights when you’re confused, and help you have fun when you need to blow off steam. But don’t forget you must be a friend to have a friend.

5. Find a Hobby

A-Hobbie-Helps-To-De-StressWhen we are stressed and overwhelmed by a problem or situation our mind keeps going running the same facts which just makes us feel even more stressed. If we find something that fills our mind and gives us a sense of achievement or fulfilment our mind will feel refreshed. We don t have to be brilliant at it  It just needs to make us feel relaxed and take our thoughts away from the problems that are making us feel stressed.

6 Have a Pamper Day

We can give our body a spa treatment, or if we are short of cash we can have a spa day at home.  Gather any creams, lotions, face packs or clippers we have stashed away, and spend the day using them all up. Enjoy the feeling and then enjoy the end result. Finish off with some gentle yoga or pilates floor exercises then meditation. It works wonders for our internal state and makes us feel ready to take on the world.

7 Process Emotions

Keeping your emotions bottled up may lead to an emotional explosion later on. It’s generally healthier to listen to your feelings, process them, and try to understand them. Consider them ‘messengers’ that tell you when something is not right with your world. A great way to process emotions is to write them down. When we write about our feelings, and potential solutions to our problems, we can see a way through and reduce our stress. Using mindfulness exercises is a great way to help you stop running negative thoughts over and over again. “The Walk The Weight Off Mind & Body” program has an easy to follow and simple to use Mindfulness section.

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