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Menopause and HRT

Can You Relate To Any Of These Points? So you’ve reached the point where you can’t ignore your hot flushes any longer. Other people are noticing them too and it’s embarrassing. You’re not sleeping because night sweats are waking you, or your mind just won’t switch off. You’re tearful, short tempered, and your memory’s taken […]

Exercise and Parkinson’s Disease

New research into the effects of exercise in the management of Parkinson’s Disease suggests that regular, high-intensity physical activity may help to keep disease progression in check. In the United States alone, around one million people live with Parkinson’s disease and approximately 60,000 new cases are diagnosed every year, according to data from the U.S. […]

Benefits Of Walking

Sometimes, what you need from you doctor is a prescription for a good walking program. This activity which you’ve been doing since you were about year old is readily available and suitable for everyone and it is now being touted as “the closest thing we have to a wonder drug,” in the words of Dr. […]

Is chocolate good or bad for you? Here’s the science bit – concentrate!

To answer that question, you must know the type of chocolate you’re eating. A study by Dr Claudio Ferri, published in the American Heart Association journal, Circulation, saw 15 healthy volunteers randomly assigned to eat either a 100g dark chocolate bar rich in polyphenols, or a 90g white chocolate bar, which does not contain polyphenols. […]