Flu is spreads quickly in the winter months but what should you do if you think your child has it?

First recognize flu symptoms in your child and know when to call the doctor or when to take your child to the hospital. In most cases can be treated with rest and fluids, but some symptoms require medical attention. Below is a guid to when and where to seek treatment.

Consider waiting until the next day when even if your child has a fever they are:-

Urinating normally
Still being playful
Eating normally

Call a doctor if they are have:-

Become lethargic
A fever for more than 3 days
Stopped drinking liquids
Not urinated for over 6 hours

Go to ER if they have:-

Shortness of breath (if this is severe call 999)
Not alert (If not responsive call 999)
Dried lips and sunken eyes and are not drinking or urination

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