Older Women Menopause

Menopause and HRT

Can You Relate To Any Of These Points?

So you’ve reached the point where you can’t ignore your hot flushes any longer. Other people are noticing them too and it’s embarrassing.

  1. You’re not sleeping because night sweats are waking you, or your mind just won’t switch off.
  2. You’re tearful, short tempered, and your memory’s taken a hike.
  3. You no longer feel in control and can’t cope anymore.
  4. You feel like you need a hug and you’re falling apart.
  5. Your libido got up and left.
  6. You’re tired but can’t get to sleep.
  7. You wake in the night and can’t go back to sleep.
  8. You have mood swings and are irritable.
  9. You crave the wrong foods and are getting bigger round your middle.
  10. You’ve lost your energy for life and living it.

Well you could go to your GP or family physician, right? You’ll have a brief chat, most likely be prescribed HRT and then sent on your way. That’s your choice. It was my choice too.

I was prescribed HRT for several years and guess what – it did work. However, eventually I chose to wean myself off it. Why don’t I take HRT any longer?  There are three very good reasons why HRT isn’t the answer:

  1. Menopause isn’t a disease, so why try to cure it with pills and patches?
  2. Too many doctors see us women of a certain age as a bag of old hormones and view menopause as a deficiency disease that needs to be corrected by topping up your oestrogen levels.
  3. Menopause isn’t an illness, it’s a natural event in a woman’s life. We don’t medicate young girls to get them through puberty. So, why medicate yourself to get through menopause?
  4. HRT is not a cure, it’s a stop gap. It’s a band aid but it’s not a cure for menopause. You can still experience symptoms like hot flushes whilst you’re taking it and once you stop. Well, your symptoms can reappear anyway. I know mine did.
  5. HRT increases cancer risk. I was told this was by just over 2%. However, new studies show it can be much, much higher than this. Why would you ever want to increase your risk of cancer? Even if it’s a small risk is it one you’re willing to take if there are alternatives?

Fortunately, HRT isn’t the only option.

Your lifestyle choices, your food choices, and your exercise choices can be just as effective as HRT and that’s how I choose to manage my menopause now. We all follow the Hot Flush Freedom Formula.  It’s an easy-to-follow solution that will put an end to your hot flushes, night sweats, moods swings, and brain fog.  Five smart steps to get you feeling like yourself again.

Are you looking for an alternative to HRT?

Do you want to know how the Hot Flush Freedom Formula can help you too?


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