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The CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 has come as a big wake up call for us all. Although we are being told over and over again that what we eat, absorb and fail to excrete” becomes how well we are, most of us are not listening!

OUR 14 Day – Boost Your Immune System program will get you on track to become the healthier you.

Written by our very own Sue Worrall, a Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine this mini program will get you on the right track to health.

In this FREE comprehensive guide you will get:

  • Why Hydration Works
  • Sleep Well For Health
  • Why Gut Bacteria Matters
  • Gut Healthy Food
  • Good Nutrition
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • The Role of Zinc.
  • Why 5 A Day Is Not Enough
  • Starting Your 14 Days Of Immune Boosting Changes
  • Balance out the 4Fs of Food Groups
  • Add in The Good Foods
  • Immune Boost Check Lists
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