Pair Of Trainers or Sneakers


The key players in regular walking are, of course, your feet. ‘Our feet were made for walking – And that’s exactly what they should do,’ says David Goysett, expert podiatrist at the Third Space Medical centre in London’s Soho. It’s the best way of exercising the 50-odd muscles we have in our feet. ‘This is becoming increasingly important as we become more sedentary. Just like any other muscle in the body, you have to exercise it to keep it healthy and able to maintain its function. When you don’t exercise them, the muscles become weaker. ‘The 26 bones within the foot, plus its ligaments, are exercised gently by walking, so they are not in danger of stress.’ At the end of a long walk, Goysett recommends you give your feet a gentle massage. ‘It’s a good idea to stretch them out, much as you would any other muscle after exercise. That should reduce any aches and pains the following day.’

However in the “Walk the weight Off Mind & Body Program” it uses interval walking which will give you feet all the benefits of the exercise but not the aches of prolonged walks. for more information on our whole body program go the Walk The Weight Off Shop

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